Bird Flu: Next Month (joke)

I put the joke in the title, as last time I wrote about bird flu symptoms I got a lot of search-engine hits, and I felt a little bad about that, as it was a joke.  So is this, but…

At work, one of my genius colleagues has spent a lot of time reading about bird flu, studying the medical experience of bird flu, and is the de-facto emergency expert on bird flu for our hospital.  He’s a terrific resource, and very pleasant to work with.

And, he asked for the entire month of February off.  We’ve kidded him about doing it because he knows something, and he laughs.  But he’s not working next month.

All I know is, if it happens in February, he’s got some explaining to do.  Probably from home, though.


  1. Please do not feel bad about getting a lot of search-engine hits for your Bird Flu related joke post.

    We can always do with more smiles, regarding this increasingly threatening problem, facing us all, around the world.

    We have today added the “Bird Flu: Next Month (joke)” entry of your blog, to The-Best-Bird-Flu-Blogs section of our site.



  2. Sorry, I’m not sure a bird flu joke from a doctor is appropriate. I understand you’re well-meaning, but the topic is so important that it deserves serious attention.

    Unfortunately, the media is taking a light-hearted approach too, and they are not covering the current growing bird flu problems in Asia. That’s a worry.

    Let’s laugh about proctologist (or something else) now, and laugh about the bird flu threat after it has been resolved! ;)

  3. I think the first commenter is on the right track, mostly because he agrees with me.

    The Professionally Serious will never get humor, and I’m not going to apologize to them.