Belated Link Dumpage

I enjoyed six days off, and did a lot of around-the-house things.  Now I’m back to work, and the backwards-clock scheduling leaves me little time for my normally voluminous and well-reasoned discourse.

So, here’s some links that I need to get done:

Change of Shift, at Geena’s.  The Geena who should have been the first four-time host of Grand Rounds.

Brit Meds at Dr. Crippens’.  How does he have time to do all this?

Radiology Grand Rounds at Middlesex Xray, also a UK blogger.


Enjoy their efforts!


  1. damn.. wonder if brit meds is run by a single doc.. i cant imagine me having a time to write a quarter of what he has written..
    nice links doc..

  2. In due time… :)