MedBlogs Grand Rounds Here next week

This is mostly for those who read this blog by RSS (both of you), but FYI: Grand Rounds will be at this blog next week. 

No theme.  Quelle surprise.

Write what you want; I will select the best “x” number of posts to be featured, but all submitted posts will be included.

So far, I have 200 posts (+/- 195) for my fourth hosting of Grand Rounds, so the sooner the better.  Deadline 7PM on Monday.


  1. This is mostly for those who read this blog by RSS (both of you)

    Wait, so who’s the other guy?

  2. Hmmm….200 (+/- 195)…

    That sounds like a lot. Or a little. Or something.

    Were you a political pollster in a past life or something?

  3. Be sure to include the MMC mess in England that Dr. Crippen is covering in detail this week. You have to feel for those doctors who are caught in the career shredder.

  4. Jeremy, the actual number as of that post was 5.

    And I’ve never been a pollster, but I’ve followed enough TV returns to have a grasp of the topic.

  5. I think I’m the other guy.

  6. I’m the other guy….still working on the RSS thing….