GruntDoc: Rated R??

Or, at least that’s what I got when I ran this blog through a site that examines the content and assigns a ‘movie rating’:

That’s not what I though it’d get, and is biased not by dirty words but by words like ‘pain, dead, dangerous and knife’ (which all go together, interestingly enough).For the record, I think this is a PG blog at worst, but I thought this was funny enough to mention.In case you were wondering:

Why is is that those with an NC-17 rating will get more hits from this than the G rated ones?


  1. I got the PG rating for my cussing….. (the word “hell” being the clincher.)

    Dang, if a Texan can’t say “hell”, then who can?….

  2. Agree!

  3. Fun – I got a G rating. :)

  4. I think MDOD got slapped with an NC-17 because of using the word “orifice” lol.

  5. Oh, dude, I’m going to have to really work to get my rating at least up to a PG-13 — if I’m lucky, up to “R.” Who goes to “PG” movies besides little kids?!

  6. Ughh, I’m PG, how boring!

  7. I always put little stars in my muthaf*ck*n cuss words, so I’m PG.

    Everyone that has a link to ‘Fingers and Tubes in Every Orifice’ gets a +1 for ‘orifice’. Heh.

  8. I was only PG-13 a few days ago. Guess I’m getting worse. Damn.

  9. I just rated my site and I got a PG. My site has pictures of fully nekked chicks.

  10. I also think your blog should get a PG rating. ‘Death’ and ‘dead’ are medical words. What’s their problem?


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