“The FBI is here to see you..”

…is, frankly, a nice way to get me to make last night’s dinner into diamonds.  It happened today.

Oh, and it wasn’t just the FBI, there was also someone from a major health insurance company, and a rep from the Office of the Inspector General.  They weren’t interested in me, but a patient I’d seen.  I won’t give any details as apparently it’s an ongoing investigation (I wasn’t sworn to secrecy, or anything dramatic), but suffice to say serial narcotic-seeking will eventually get the wrong kind of attention.

I was just glad they weren’t interested in me.


  1. got to meet some nice fbi agents recently. scare re hazmat/biowarfare stuff. nothing to it but boy did people jump. in the end the story was kinda funny but i can’t tell it unfortunately.

  2. Good. Sorry you had to undergo that, but glad some scumbag is going to get what they deserve.