Impacted Nurse ends his shift

» goodbye. farewell. amen. Emergency Department

He’ll be missed by me.


  1. I have two reactions (so far):

    The first is that in our lives, and probably in an accelerated fashion in blogs, we reach points in which we must turn a corner, changing direction, meanwhile leaving behind the familiar friends and locales to which have been accustomed for a time. Sometimes we need a change, sometimes others need a change, but it’s one of the ways to keep things interesting.

    Secondly, and perhaps sadly, one has to wonder if there is some difficulty that needs to be resolved about whether it’s appropriate for health professionals to blog about their work, and how they are “allowed” to do it. One of the social constraints I noted prior to blogs was that there traditionally has seemed to be a limited breadth of opinion that doctors and health care professionals were supposed to have — we were sought for opinions about health matters but little else. Blogs suddenly caused an unleashing of pent-up opinions about all sorts of matters, including opinions about various kinds of patient and administration behaviors — for many, so unbecoming of a professional.

    Eventually, I think this will sort itself out, although I don’t think we’re yet past some excessive censoring in some venues.

  2. He’s gone? I missed it! What happened?