Texas Lawyers

Well, Texas is reporting the heck out of docs, but what of our attorneys?

Overlawyered: Texas: “Public left in dark on accused attorneys”

How pathetic is the State Bar of Texas when it comes to protecting clients from rogue lawyers? This pathetic:

Dallas attorney Bruce Patton has a clean disciplinary record, according to the State Bar’s Web site, which provides profiles of the state’s 80,000 or more practicing attorneys. But consider this before you hire him to draft your will: Patton is in state prison after being convicted of a felony two years ago….

Texas medical licenses fees doubled last year, and the Board is spending a lot of time and money pursuing docs. I’ve read the reports, and wonder at the real stories behind them, but I’m fairly certain docs in prison would have lost their licenses.

Unlike our attorneys, apparently.


  1. Wow.. I checked out the link to the punished physicians, and some of those claims are amusing – I mean, a resident who was “disruptive” I am so curious! Punishment for somebody else includes “purchasing and using a PDA”!!?!

    I am also curious about Texas being so harsh on people prescribing things for family members. Uhm… while probably not the most professional of ideas – is it against the law? Or are they just getting punished for not having some sort of record created? Is a simple spiral notebook kept at home documenting courtesy exams on friends and family sufficient?