Waking Up Costs: Your History Can Haunt You

Your History Can Haunt You

Having been called to the cath lab on several occasions to intubate his patients I can say that this report does not surprise me and is completely consistent with past behavior (though he never struck anyone in my presence). I’m quite sure he refrained from striking me only because of my size and ability to fight back.

A very interesting statement from a former colleague of the accused, and one that he may regret.  A Flea moment in the making?


  1. Hmm, no doubt. I believe I would have posted the story and left it at that.

  2. Even though this kind of thing is likely to come out anyway, unless it’s settled out of court, it certainly seems to be walking that line of propriety.

    One of the various reasons why I wasn’t so interested in academic medicine is because of the politics, the infighting, the intensity of some of the personalities that will do whatever it takes to claw their way to the top. So distracting from the idea to practicing medicine for the good of the patients.