Emergency Physicians Monthly is blogging ACEP’s Scientific Assembly

Here’s their first blog entry from ACEP:

ACEP Blog: From the floor
Monday, 08 October 2007

Nothing says ACEP Scientific Assembly like a line of 50 docs waiting for a mug a free coffee. That’s right, it’s Monday morning, the first day of the ACEP convention, and activities got started early. ..

Opening lectures began at 7:30, if you can believe it. I hope the speaker was from the East Coast and still jet-lagged. The minute the docs start surging into the exhibit hall, the stories start flying. Here are just a few highlights from the morning:

I wish I’d thought of that.  It would have given me a reason to actually attend (besides all the wonderful talks).

And this from Logan Plaster at EP Monthly:

If [your / our] readers have any questions about the convention, we aim to seek out answers and post them in real time.

There’s a ‘contact’ form at the blog link, so ask questions for them there, not here.


  1. Jeez, I’ve been seeing you guys since Friday!! (My office is in the same building as the ACEP meeting). All those ER docs & not a patient anywhere!

    Actually, I am a little jealous, as some of the topics on the signs looked interesting.