Prius spare: Why, Toyota, Why?

I mean, really.



  1. Oh crud, Dr. AR,

    I just don’t get it. Is it something about the pathetic yellowish spare on the front tire? Um, and rear hind trotter is fine and dandy? Go on and tell me more, EXPLICITLY. I just don’t get these subtle ding-dong car jokes.

  2. It’s the hideous yellow color on the space saver tire rim. It’s black on the back, so looks normal when you buy the car; take it out, mount it, and you look even goofier than a standard Prius driver.


  3. Does the gold rim spin as well? Hehe.

  4. I think it’s horrid as a reminder that it is not for general driving. If it looks like bat vomit, people will get their tire fixed faster, hopefully.

  5. flat tire already?

    [Even efficient car tires get nails – GD]

  6. Tweedle Dee.... says:

    Spare tire? The only thing I saw wrong in the pick was the prius…ew.

  7. I’m glad you got the only acceptable color of Prius. Fire engine/candy apple red would have been better, but Toyota doesn’t offer that, I know. Just put some spinners or some neon on that bad boy and you’ll be fly. Pimp your Prius, yo!

    It is a disturbing trend that spares–particularly for 4-bangers–are those little donuts. I miss the true “5th tire” spares of old. I think they do that to obviously remind you to change it. The vomit color just makes you hurry up even more.

  8. Steve Dobson says:

    I simply removed the spare and put in at $10 12 volt compressor and a $4 tire plug kit. My wife prefers it because she said she would never dig out the spare and put it on anyway, but in most cases she will be able to pump up the tire enough to get to a tire repair place. I much prefer the compressor to the spare.

  9. Jim in Texas says:

    “I simply removed the spare and put in at $10 12 volt compressor and a $4 tire plug kit.”

    blowouts, or even serious flats, at highway speeds are not going to be “most cases” and can’t be repaired with a “tire plug.”

    Put the spare back in and move to the South; she’ll never have to repair it herself.

  10. My husband, Mr. Car-Phreak of the Universe with a shameful stash of Autoweeks, R&T, C&D, Automotive News and Hemmings stuffed under HIS side of the bed…

    He loves the now-defunct Honda Insight, which he wanted in silver and felt was the ultimate Flash Gordon car.

    Me? I LOATHE a commercial I saw twice tonight (and I don’t even watch TV, just walked past and got sucked into this rotten commercial: for a — Toyota??) SUV. A kid tells her dad to let her out of the vehicle far away from the movie theater(?) because it is in a neighborhood where most people bike or have hybrids. And daddy tells her their SUV is a hybrid. Arrrgh. Terrible commercial.

    the walking pedestrian from the Hummer neighborhood.

  11. One of my neighbors (here, in hell) had a New Year’s party where some of the ladies partied a bit too hearty. This morning, as we drove to breakfast, noticed a line up of FOUR Prius. My husband, the Car Phreak burst out laughing and referred to a woman auto racer (from the ’70s? now an auto mag columnist?) who had recently mentioned this phenomena as a “smuggery” of Prius. Whaddya think?

  12. ps I was teasing you about the front and back of Prius being indistinguishable. This is a mean spirited car joke. I actually LIKE the Prius. Your anonymous fangirl