My Third TV Appearance

It’s about influenza, which we’re seeing a LOT of this year (payback for last years’ light flu season no doubt).

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It seems like the local stations all have a ‘go-to’ site for their “I need a doc to talk about (insert TV medical issue of the day)”, and my hospital is a main site for the NBC affiliate. The ED docs are asked to do the Lion’s share of these interviews, which are arranged through the Hospital PR department; it’s not a requirement, and there’s always someone else who will do it, but when asked I say yes as I see it as representing my joint as well as I can. Also, I think “GruntDoc never helps out” won’t help me with admin during an inevitable ‘Oh, heck’ event, while “GruntDoc is on TV for us a lot” might keep them from kicking me to the curb quickly. Job security by PR? I hope I never have to find out.

Oh, and if you’re asked to do this, remember: this is not gotcha journalism. As one interviewer told me: “we’re going to make you look good, it does us no good to do anything else”. Typically they’ll ask you several questions they’ve told you they’re going to ask (so you can think of some answers), and then they’ll (maybe) use one of them.

Update: My Second Appearance (Christmas Lights) and the first (Air Quality).


  1. Mrs. Fred says:

    The pholks are very proud!

  2. Beary Potter & hubby says:

    Interview was brief, but absolutely impressive!

  3. Wow, looking good! Very nice job! Although I think they were a bit too concerned with that other guy and what he though about the flu than they were with talking to a doctor who knows more than that guy. And why is is unusual to see influenza B? They don’t let you say! Now I want to know!

  4. You look (did) great!

  5. You look very doctorly.

  6. Huh, I don’t know why, but I had always assumed that you were bald. Or at least shaven headed.

  7. Usually we see mostly one type of flu (either A or B) here, and this year it’s a lot of both.

    Greg, this is the longest my hair’s been in years, and I feel very shaggy. Your counselling is taken, and I will get it cut.

  8. Jody Burch says:

    Looking good. You sounded very official and intelligent. It’s amazing what some good editing can do. Take that time off your 15 minutes of fame.

  9. Goatwhacker says:

    Looks good, man! I’ve seen about 15 flu cases in my office in just the past week, I’m surprised your ED has only seen 90 in a month. One of my patients had already received a flu vaccine which I guess matches what the rest of the country is seeing.

  10. Good interview!

    So let me ask you this. How often do you see people that test positive for influenza A & B at the same time?

    This happened to my son last year – he was so very sick – and just had been diagnosed with strep a few days before. I kept wondering why the antibiotics weren’t kicking in…

  11. Ah-hah. Dr. Grunt, they are calling on you because you are telegenic! Plus you have a pleasant speaking voice and make good eye contact with that camera. Good lord, there are a lot of mumbly, stumbly interviews on tv news. Your local folks are wise, they just figured out that you are the go to guy. Don’t fret the hair.

  12. TheNewGuy says:

    You looked good, Grunt. For my own part, I hate the camera… hate it, hate it, hate it.

    It’s completely artificial… like talking to a black hole. I’d rather talk to a live audience or auditorium full of people, because you can at least gauge audience reaction, and tailor your delivery. With the camera, it gives you absolutely nothing back.

    I had to do three interviews in one week last year… and people were telling my wife for months afterwards that they saw me on TV (gag).

    As an aside, I have a personal rule: I do NOT talk to reporters… and I only do so when strong-armed into it. They usually are looking for information on high-profile crimes or other incidents, and often ask for information that you cannot give them (or should not).

  13. That was cool! : D

    I have to say the patient they chose didn’t look very sick!

  14. AuntSusie says:

    I’m so glad they gave you proper credit this time! Now do sickfolks come to your ED asking for Dr. Roberts?

  15. Wow, you make us so famous, [GruntDoc]. :) I’m watching that and didn’t realize, “Hey, that’s K15!” You are my favorite! Well done!