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Prius Update

I still have the Prius, but I no longer drive it. It’s now piloted by my youngest daughter, who had to give up her Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor (2005) for it.

Yes, I got my daughter a Crown Vic PI for a first car. It seemed at least somewhat logical: a big, safe car that’s also cheap, as it’d been lightly wrecked by the Nacogdoches, TX Police Department and auctioned off (91,000 miles, no nonsense interior). My dad fixed it up to excellent running condition, and it looked pretty good with a blue paint job.

Daughter liked the car, sort-of, but its size intimidated her, and she wouldn’t drive it any more than to and from school (bug, or feature?). At any rate, the Ford now resides with my eldest daughter and son in law, so it’s still in the family, and they like and drive it. The Prius is in good hands, and I have a new ride I won’t be talking about because it’s so nice it’s embarrassing. It gets 21 MPG, which isn’t the 44 I got with the Prius, but I can live with it.

Youngest daughter occasionally laments the loss of acceleration, but really likes the tiny bill when refueling, which more than makes up for the lessened horsepower.

Because I know you want to know these things, that’s why.

Severus Worldwide

Severus Worldwide

Subsequent to Operation Iraqi Freedom in March 2003, which culminated in the liberation of twenty five million Iraqis from the brutal, corrupt dictatorship of Saddam Hussein, Iraq has struggled in its attempts to organize an independent government, which could legislate effectively and provide for the basic needs for all its citizens.Post-conflict rehabilitation has been further complicated by the injurious effects of decades of war, hateful sectarianism, rampant corruption, and an insurgency that has devastated the infrastructure, both human and physical. Few examples of this are more glaring than the collapse of public healthcare.

Throughout this system, there are vast needs for high and low tech medical equipment, basic hospital supplies, and an ever more critical shortage of prescriptive drugs, especially antibiotics. Severus Worldwide will help address these needs using a direct/local approach.

A noble idea, and one worth supporting. I just wonder if the Roman helmet is the imagery that will ingratiate them with their Iraqi counterparts…