Imagine the fun

Imagine the fun
Of the deaf patient and utterly no ASL interpreter available.

Now give the patient you’re trying very hard to communicate difficulty writing, difficulty with vision, and more than three chief complaints.



  1. Wow!! I hope you found a good way to deal with it! That must’ve been frustrating for both of you!!

  2. I feel your pain. We have a school for the deaf and a school for the blind just down the road from our ED. Sometimes the pt’s are both! I does add a degree of difficulty to the job.

  3. I’m a lip reader myself, as I’m very hearing impaired. I had to take my teenager to the ER recently, and the doc was dashing around, bending over and examining my son. I was following him around like a curious lemur, and finally he stopped and looked at my quizzically. My son beat me to the explanation, saying,”She can’t hear–she’s trying to see your face so she can read your lips.” After that we were fine! I’m sorry you had so much trouble–I would have been lost myself, as I don’t sign.

  4. our hospital got sued for not providing a ASL interpeter in a timely manner and they won the lawsuit…