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I got an email last week asking me to have a look at, and maybe blog about, the following:

Hi, I am part of the team of local independent medical and technology
professionals that have just created an online Medicare Part D tool to help
even the playing field for seniors and independent physicians and
pharmacists.  Having created this baby we realized we have no idea how to
let people know about it.  So I was wondering if you might write a review
of us in your blog.The concept is simple.  The client simply enters their
location and drugs and we search for lower cost medications and list the
plans available to them with detailed pricing and restriction information.
It is free, confidential, and takes about 5-10 minutes.  The site is

I’m all for things that help people make better decisions, so I’ve had a somewhat quick look around, and I generally like it (my gripe’s at the end).

It’s a very professionally done site, navigation couldn’t be easier.  It starts by asking your Zip code, and explains that “Medicare calculates your coverage by your location”, which drives the rest of the decisions inherent in the program.

When you get to step two, entering the medications, there’s the inherent problem with medication name entering: multiple non-sensical names for medications.  For instance, type in ‘metoprolol’ and the following appears:


I’m a doctor and I had to study the choices to make the choice I wanted.  This isn’t a slam on the Medicare saver people, it’s just one example of how this isn’t super-simple (and I don’t know how to make it more simple).

Where I think this site is very useful is the graphical presentation of Part D plans in your area, recommending the least expensive at the top:


And, I can compare all 56 plans, should I want to.  It’ll then ask some questions to check your eligibility, and spit out an answer (I’m not eligible).

This is a good site for a lot of Medicare-covered people, and I’d recommend it as a starting place for discussions about medications with their doctors, and to shop Part D plans.

The MedicareSaver people want to tailor this product for physician practices and pharmacies (they need income too), so if you’re one of those, have a look.

My gripe: the professionally done, entirely understandable talking head at the top of every page cannot be shut off.  It’s not optional.  I really hate audio that plays automatically when I open any web page, and think if you’re going to do that you have to put in a mechanism to turn it off.  I emailed the site builder and mentioned this, and was told this is a deliberate decision based on some Seniors having relatively diminished sight.  Okay, but it still needs a way to shut it off.

That’s not enough to have me pan the whole product: it’s good, and I’d recommend it for the Medicare eligible.

(I have no financial or other entanglement in this product, I just think it’d be useful).


  1. Doc,

    Thanks for the coverage and for your honest feedback. I’d like to highlight some of the power under the hood of The detailed cost data and graphs come from some amazing calculations on a mountain of drug and plan data that is changing constantly. It would take a team of professionals days to get the results you see in just minutes. And we’ve made it so easy that even people not used to the internet should have no problem using the site.

    Also as you go through the system it searches for lower cost drugs or therapeutic alternatives to help you further lower your prescription spending. If medicines are found we help communicate this information to your doctor through a letter containing the recommendations. We are also automate the enrollment process, so that enrollment is simple and headache free. After that we monitor changes in drug and plan prices against your profile so that you can continue to find new savings year-after-year with no effort.
    I’m interested in your comments on the video and drug lookup. If any of your readers have comments please leave them here or send us an e-mail so we can continually improve our system.

    Brandt Cannici
    COO MedicareSaver Inc.


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