Can Infections Be Preve… – Blogs – Revolution Health

Can Infections Be Preve… – Blogs – Revolution Health

Dr. Val has a good post predicting some unintended consequences of the medicare ‘never’ events.

There are always unintended consequences.


  1. Thanks, GD. Can’t wait to meet you (finally) at the Blog World Expo in Las Vegas. I’m so psyched!!! :)

  2. Our gov’t just started tracking ‘never events’ with the premise of improving healthcare. The ultimate outcome from accountants/statisticians deciding on what should never happen is scary and can not be good for the pt. At least in the US it’s restricted to medicare money grab – I wonder what the outcome will be in Canada where we only have one source of revenue.

  3. Wow. Infection being listed as a “never event?” That is impossible and there are a million of negative possibilities that will come along with this. It is understood that many hospital acquired infections could have been prevented and should not be compensated for, but to list it as a “never event” is ridiculous.