Happy 17th Birthday to my youngest

17th birthdays are in that limbo; not 16, not 18, etc.


But it’s still an occasion to celebrate, as our littlest girl grows up too fast.



She’s applying to colleges.  Seems like only last year she was sleeping in a shoe box.


  1. Happy Birthday to you daughter!

  2. Time flies fast. Enjoy each day.

  3. She DID spend one night in a dresser drawer at Grandma’s!

  4. Pretty girl! She must have a pretty mom!

    Enjoy – my kids were great at 17 (actually they were great at all ages) – all the enthusiasm and knowing their world is going to open wide very soon.

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. And she has a GREAT aunt to was gracious enough to share that special day with her! We are both very lucky girls!luv,auntsusie

  7. Jim in Texas says:

    Sigh, I got combat boots older than she is……