I wonder if my iphone posts

Let’s find out.

Yes!  Yes it does.


  1. Thumbs up on the Diet Coke!

  2. Aerospace Genius says:

    L’s new Touch is the hit of the house. #1 son is playing games on it right now as reward for early homework completion.

    Check out X-plane for iPod! Now that’s cool!

  3. Did u post directly to WP thru iP – Safari – WP Dashboard or thru iP & email?
    I read this post & commented from my Moto Ming. Your WP-PDA plugin works great.

    PS. Dr.A: The diet coke can is from GD’s marketing department. I d/won’t believe that an ex-Navy, Texan, ER-superstar Doc drinks something so wimpy. Probably filled with rum.

  4. Mmm. … being able to blog from anywhere — sounds dangerous and moderatley addictive.

  5. Vijay,
    I used the WordPress iPhone app, and it’s pretty darn good. The downside is that my fingers don’t seem to like the touch keyboard; good thing my posts are typically short. Glad you like the PDA plugin (though I don’t like that it doesn’t display comments on the iPhone).

    DietCoke is manly enough for a Texan comfortable with his masculinity, especially the 8th or so in a day, like this one was.

  6. I thought you quit caffeine a long time ago. >;)

    Congrats on the successful upload! Woot!

  7. No, can’t quit caffeine, just cut back on the coffee.


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