Archives for October 15, 2008

In the interest of full disclosure on the EMR

It occurs to me I have exposed myself to a potential charge of a conflict of interest here, and want to clear the air.  (Dang, and right after having been okayed for the Healthcare Blogger Code of Ethics, proudly displayed in the right sidebar: they may want it back, and I’m not kidding about that).

I hadn’t meant to talk about which EMR we’re using, but in the excitement I did.  We’re using EPIC, which is pretty good, and I’m perfectly happy with 85% of it, and the rest we all want to tweak.

I am a paid consultant to our hospital ownership groups’ EPIC steering committee, and have input into what goes into order sets, etc.  It takes 2 hours once a month, so I’m not going to retire (or even vacation) on the income, but I do get money for working on the project.  I can tell you  I signed an NDA about what we do specifically, I don’t own stock or get any other money from these efforts, and I don’t work directly for EPIC on this.  I don’t want my discussion of our EMR to cross any ‘talking up a commercial product that he’s getting money from’ line, thus the disclosure.

So now you know.  I don’t consider it a conflict, but you can be your own judge of that.