And I don’t even like dogs.

Yes, the power is back.  Get a kleenex.  Air Force home after a 14 month deployment.

Welcome home, Airman.


  1. That is so cool….oh by the way….GO AIR FORCE!!

  2. :)

  3. TheNewGuy says:

    Dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason, folks.

    Great video.

  4. AWESOME PAWSOME!!!! God Bless Our Soldiers.

  5. God love him….

  6. Mike Spenis says:

    14 months? That’s like 8 dog years.

  7. You don’t like dogs? What’s wrong with you? ;-)

    Seriously, this is awesome, but to be honest our two dogs react the same way if we are gone only for a weekend. They have no sense of passing time.

  8. “They have no sense of passing time.”

    No, maybe not, but that young man does. And even for that long of a time, they still missed him just as much.

  9. This bond is why I work. Thanks for giving me a chance to shed happy tears.

  10. Outstanding Video,

    The video also shows us the how good dog people act when they meet their dogs. And I would bet that this young man greets his dogs the same way, even after running out to grab some milk.

    God Bless and Happy Holidays
    Alan Papszycki

  11. He should be kissing his lady; not the dogs, that have been licking there asses and snifing there shit all day!