Caption Contest: We have a winner!

I asked you to give me a caption to this photo, and we have a winner:

Joel Goldberg, MD Grand Rapids, MI

“North Carolina Prescription Drug Plan” by Doc

Honorable Mentions:

SkyDaddy with “I can haz oxygen?”

Warriorpear with “Doc, I had to smoke 400 packs in order to get enough points for my Winston Med Case… man, but was it worth it?!”

Ian Furst with “More doctors choose Winston”

Doc gets to place the unwanted coveted “Caption Contest Winner” logo on his blog.


You delivered, BTW: 47 comments (not all were captions, but they’re all welcome).  Thanks for playing.  We’ll have another one when I have a suitable picture.


  1. Wow! I’m almost speechless! I’d like to thank the Academy and let you know that this is an award that I’ll try to remember for as long as I can. I’ve got to go update my CV now.

  2. Congratulations, Doc.

    I can understand and feel your joy. Sometimes, the smaller things like this one, will bring us more happiness.

    – David.


  1. […] Doc has announced the winner of his caption contest with this hilarious entry.  Check out the runner up captions at his site.  (note the “Doc” that won the prize is not me, but a Psychiatrist in Virginia.  No […]