Dead Blogs

Time to prune the blog rolls.  No posts in a while?  Your blog is deceased.  (Yes, like the Norwegian Blue Parrot).

It’s a hobby, not a career.


  1. G-doc,

    Any advice for those of us susceptible to blogger fatigue or is this just the information age way of thinning the herd? Keep up the good work. Your persistence is admirable.


  2. I’m not dead yet. I’m feeling better. I feel happy!

  3. GruntDoc –

    I don’t want to go in the cart! I’m not dead yet! :)

    Posting slow between Medicine 2.0 and Health 2.0 – my apologies and this is a kick in the rear to get going again.

    Thanks – JMG
    Health Management Rx

  4. Hi Grunt Doc,

    I’m alive! I’m alive! Just resting and getting occupied with the mundane like pouring rain. But I will be back soon.



  5. Wow, some (former) giants on this Dead Blog update.

  6. I’m not a giant.

  7. If pruning your blogroll means you have room for new sites, please look at mine. It’s not clinical, but it is medical.


    Mary Pat Whaley

  8. NHS Blog Doctor has recently come back to life.