SciGuy: A Texan definition of a planet

SciGuy: A Texan definition of a planet
• Therefore, a planet must be any star-orbiting, non-fusing celestial body larger than the smallest sphere containing TEXAS.

Read it all, and enjoy.  I’m not an astronomer but it makes sense to me.


  1. I think I would propose an alternative:

    A planet is anything larger than the ego of a Texan.

    This would require, of course, a size considerably bigger than this proposal.

  2. But what does Texas revolve around?

  3. To be perfectly clear: everything else revolves around Texas.

  4. Ah of course, forgive my Antipodean ignorance :-)

  5. And here I thought the Texan definition of a planet was “them thar big ole sparkully thangs up in the sky”….

    (Waaah…I miss good ole Texas now that I’m in Kansas!)