Yes , it was tasty

A new baking stone and a new recepie. Delicious.


  1. Yum! That DOES look good!! :)

  2. [Incoherant drooling.]

  3. It looks fantastic…
    I love my pizza stone personally….the pizza is fantastic (though in my experience low fat mozzarella is just not worth it). A flatmate once used it as a chopping board and I had to restrain myself from breaking her like a stick.

  4. So what’s the recipe? It certainly looks great.

  5. Mmmmn! Pizza! *drool*

  6. Got any Wasabi with that?

  7. Heh. Wasabi for those that don’t know the story.

  8. GD: Your pizza reminds me so much of our Tomato Uthappam!!