Happy 19th Anniversary

…to my wife, who no doubt deserves better.


Thanks, honey!


  1. Happy Anniversary to you both! Hope 2009 is a happy and healthy year for you.

  2. Beary Potter says:

    What a wonderful pair you two together are!
    We send out best wishes from here to “thar”.
    May the New Year bring more happiness and memories, too,
    That you’ll continue to share and relive for many years through!
    Happy Anniversary, kids!

  3. A very happy anniversary to the Grunt Doc and his bride. Hope the Anniversary and the new year bring lots of love and good things. We admire and appreciate you here at work, and you obvously have a great lady cause you rarely come to work without a smile and that bespeaks of a good wife and family.

  4. Happy Anniversary Mrs. R & GD
    I think it’s very cool that you guys got married on the first day of the year.
    There’s no way even an attention deficient ER Doc would fail to remember that date :)

  5. Oops… Just noticed that this was posted on Dec 31. My famed attention for details seems to be fading. But I still stand by my opinion on the significance of the date :)

  6. Is that your daughter?

  7. Congratulations to you and Mrs Grunt Doc. 19 years is something to be proud of for sure! :)

  8. AuntSusie says:

    I remember where our family was 19 years ago – – at your wedding! Then, stayed another day in Odessa to have the station wagon repaired so it could get us all home to Dallas.

    Here’s to MANY more fun and exciting years together!!!

  9. To a happy 19 years and many more to come.

    Thanks for being great people and family.

  10. Congratulations!

  11. Happy Anniversary!~