Moon, Venus and Jupiter

Tonight, from the porch.


I know it’s them (Well, Sky & Telescope knows, and that’s enough for me).

More from Wired:

In what’s called a planetary conjunction, the two planets —the brightest in the night sky — will appear extremely close, separated by only the width of a finger held at arm’s length. They won’t be this close together and well-placed for evening viewing again until May 2013.


  1. Pretty cool, wasn’t it!

  2. Great shot. I couldn’t get a decent photo with my PhD camera (push here dummy).

  3. I THOUGHT the “stars” were extra shiny last night. But I thought it was because I was leaving work before 8PM.

  4. I meant to look at it and I forgot! Thanks for posting the photo, at least I can see what I missed… :-)
    Great picture, very clear.

  5. The stellar formation was smiley-shaped where I was. We got a pretty good shot at it in the Philippines.

    Click here.

    They were in smiley formation in Asia and Oceania.

  6. My wife and I were taking our dogs for a walk on 2nd December 2008 at about 08:30 pm when we

    saw the Moon, Venus and Jupiter on the left of the Grey High School Tower, in Port

    Elizabeth, South Africa. We went home, fetched our cellphone, returned and took this picture

    (at 08:59 pm). The cellphone is a Nokia N95 8GB cellphone with a Carl Zeiss 5 Megapixel

    lens. Want to put a picture on Youtube? It’s easy. Use Windows Movie Maker to convert the

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