Movin’ Meat: I’m Impressed

Movin’ Meat: I’m Impressed

So am I!


  1. Good for him!

  2. Hey GD, I’m resurrecting Cricoid Pressure… reinstalled WordPress and dug all the cruft out of my old database. Wondering what ‘recent comments’ plugin you use?

  3. Nice to see a leader leading, something you don’t see in civilian life to often. We need a whole lot more like him.

  4. Here’s my own story. I was out shovelling snow in front of our office building. This is Kentucky, where snow doesn’t fall so much or linger when it does, but this was one of those storms that dumped a foot or so of snow and it wasn’t going anywhere soon.

    The hospital managed to scatter some salt around, but with mounds of snow covering the steps and walkways (including the places where patients need ramps for their wheelchairs), this wasn’t getting anywhere, so I threw a shovel into the trunk of my car, took it to work, and shovelled off the steps and ramps so people could safely get in the building. Interestingly, a visitor stopped and helped me out.

    This wasn’t about liability, just about seeing a need.