The Adventures of Zippy in Texas

Zippy arrived today, from the bitterest cold of Michigan, having spent some crazy time with Crzegirl there.

Zippy doesn’t travel light,

ZippyDay1-(4)--Arrives-with or cheap, either,


and is leaving with me tomorrow on a very fun trip.  Stay tuned!

Read all about Zippy here; also, the Evil Genius behind Zippy.


  1. He didn’t have any of that stuff when he came to visit me last summer. He’s added trinkets along the way. :)

  2. Peggikaye says:

    Rlbates, funny, I was thinking the SAME THING!

  3. This is crazy!! He has more than 3x his body mass in baggage!! Someone trim the fat before he goes transatlantic (& maybe Down Under).

  4. Hey, that’s why I didn’t send his nursing outfit with him! Although I did want to have a tea party. Darn!

    One thing to remember about Zippy, if you are at Starbucks and you pretend you don’t have any money, he’ll pay!

    And he LOVES Nascar. Truly. He told me. He loves Kasey Kahne (what a coincidence) and will drink a Bud Light if you still have him in 24 days. He will make you watch the Daytona 500. And give a full report, too!

    Hey Zippy, take it easy on Grunt Doc. You wore me out! : D

  5. He lost some items along the way too… I sent him off with a “get sweaty” towel. I guess one of his hosts wanted to keep it? :)


  1. […] airline people said my stuff was way beyond the maximum luggage weight allowed. So I had to leave some of the heavy stuff including my orange tent behind in Texas (I hope Gruntdoc takes good care of […]