W.C. Varone on gold, guns, and food | Les Jones

W.C. Varone on gold, guns, and food | Les Jones
“The thing about being a survivalist kook and stockpiling gold, guns, and food is that there’s no downside. Even if you’re wrong, you’ve still got gold, guns, and food.”
– W.C. Versone


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  1. Food is likely just as useful as gold, maybe more , as it is a small-denomination good. Gold requires assay and weight, unless you have specie you know can be trusted. In the dire circumstances scenario, 9mm and .40 and .45 cal. ammunition might be useful as commodities.

  2. Chuck Pelto says:

    TO: All
    RE: Gold?

    Don’t count on keeping it if the feds decide to collect it again. You may end up having to use your guns.

    RE: Guns

    Always a good idea. Especially if society falls apart and the gang-bangers decide they could put your food, gold and guns to better use.

    Then the trick becomes something along the lines of what Tony Stark says to the Vanity Fair reporter in Iron Man, “Peace means having a bigger stick than the other guy.”

    I understand that you can get a booklet on how to build your own bazooka up on Amazon.com. But expect a visit from the BATF if you purchase it in a manner that they can track.

    RE: Food

    Always a good idea.

    Some years ago, I read about some prof in Ireland who has been studying tree rings. He noticed, around the world, that there have been five incidents where tree rings indicated that there was little or no growth for a period of several years.

    The suspicion is that there was some global catastrophe that resulted in no food growing.

    These periods correlate well with collapses of civilization. Starting with the fall of the Early Bronze Age civilizations….and oddly enough correlating with the Biblical Flood story. And ending with the last such period which marks the end of the Roman Empire….what was left of it at the time….and the onset of the Dark Ages.

    The shortest such period was, as I recall, 3 years. The longest was 7 years. The mean was 4 years.

    The Mormons may be correct in their philosophy of being prepared, but maybe a tad short on the period of time.


    P.S. The mean time between these events was a bit over 700 years. And not that such events, whatever they may be, run like a bus schedule, it’s been roughly 1500 years since the last such incident……