A day I was happy to be an Emergency Physician

Even in a profession, most days are just days at work.  EM is no different: I’ve had a longer than normal string of Just Days.  I was due from a karmic EM point of view.

Karma apparently has a sense of humor, giving me one of the best/busiest days in years.  I won’t go into the individual patients, but they were desperately ill, a lot of them.  Our consultants were terrific, doing their part selflessly, happily.

The Nurses, techs and sundry other professionals were on their games (nurses especially), and it was a pleasure working next to them.

I knew these days were there, still.



  1. Oddly, so Nurse K reported the same thing not too long ago…

    Karmic trend changing?

    Im sure it was because President Obama is fixing healthcare.


  2. nurse 1961 says:

    My work here is done! I can finally sleep at night.