Health Care Rx: The Short Answer Is No – Colleen Conway-Welch

Health Care Rx: The Short Answer Is No – Colleen Conway-Welch
The Short Answer Is No

The short answer is no, not until transformational change occurs in the infrastructure of health care delivery. The system today is so broken that, if the infrastructure is fixed and incentives re-aligned, we could deliver twice the health care to twice the people at half the cost but we won’t achieve this by simply throwing money at it.

Fix healthcare?  Yes!  The author has some good ideas.  Let’s start here, then see where we need to go.


  1. Well-intentioned, I suppose, but it smacks of the kind of response one gets from someone trying to make sure nothing happens. Oh yes, let’s do all of these things that we know will never happen, then we’ll fix health care.

    I think there are 2 basic principles that need to happen, and it really doesn’t matter whether it’s with or without national health insurance:

    1. Guarantee an availability of health insurance coverage for everyone, along with a responsibility to get it.
    2. Making sure that there are profit/overhead controls to ensure that premiums paid mostly go to pay for health care, not overhead, not executive bonuses, not shareholder profits.