On vacation

On Vacation


From my 2003 vacation…


  1. Is that a shot at me?!?!

  2. Heh. No.

  3. Aerospace Genius says:

    Haha! I’m in Vegas right now!

    We saw Donnie and Marie last night and it was Grrrrrrreat!

  4. Jim in Texas says:

    I’m taking advantage of the rotten economy; I’m going to Scotland, business class for three weeks. In 2007 I tried to use my American Airline miles to get 2 business class tickets to travel to Scotland in 2008 in time to see the Ediburgh Tatoo. There was a very narrow window of a few days in September to use the frequent flier miles. Prior to 1 Sept. 2007 you needed 90,000 miles for one bus. class ticket. When I went to book the travel I learned that on 1 sept. 2007 they raised the requirement to 100,000 miles and I didn’t have them.

    In Feb. this years I was looking at the AA website when I learned that travel is so down that AA would let me use my miles (now over 200,000) to travel anywhere in world almost any time I wanted to travel. So I booked two bus. class tickets to England and will spend 28 expensive days going from London – East Anglia – Lake District – Scotland – London. I used to be assigned in East Anglia in the 70/80s and have some friends I want to visit. I also want to visit the Americcan cemetary outside of Cambriddge. I used to stop there at least once a year and I want to re-visit and get some photos.

    in the early 80’s my wife and I and our 6 y.o. twin sons camped for 14 days in the Lake District and Scotland; it rained 10. I remember going to the U.S. Naval Communication station at Thurso and spending most of one afternoon drying out our sleeping bags at the NEX laundry. It was a desolate place, I wonder if it’s still there?

    At that time I was a poor E-6. This time I can afford to stay indoors when it rains at night. I’m looking forward to that!!!