Doctor has part of finger bitten off by patient

Allegedly for “not writing a prescription”…

Dr. Paul Arnold turned his back for a moment on a patient who was upset because the doctor wouldn’t write him a prescription.

That’s when the patient, Gregory S. Powell, 45, of Fort Myers, allegedly attacked Arnold, 65, biting off part of one of the doctor’s fingers.

As my tipster says “…probably wasn’t about refusing an amoxicillin script…”.

In custody; no word on the doc, and best wishes. 


Thanks to Glenn (a true homie) for the tip.


  1. that’s just about as bad as it gets.

  2. Nice use of “tip” and “tipster” in a story about getting the tip of your finger bitten off.

  3. TheNewGuy says:

    That’s definitely NOT as bad as it gets… the perp could have come back with a gun, and waited for the office to close.

    Drug addicts can be a desperate bunch.

  4. Physician Disability Insurance says:

    Yikes, talk about a rough day on the job. Now the doctor has to go get treatment, hope his doctor writes him the prescription he wants. This just goes to show how volatile and dangerous the life of a doctor can be sometimes.