Lost book

This was in our ED today. I suspect it was brought by one of our rotating studs….


  1. The perfect cure for insomnia. I speak from experience on that.

  2. Blood goes round and round and you make pee.

  3. 08ArmyDoc says:

    Note the large cup of coffee attached

  4. Yeah, I’m back on the coffee.

  5. You gave up coffee???? Pfft, next you’ll be giving up steak and having your salad dressing on the side … ;)

  6. That coffee cup is way to small for that book. What no Red Bull in the ED?

  7. Can you get it on Kindle?

    BTW, Red Bull rots your teeth, black coffee just stains them…

  8. TheNewGuy says:

    I recommend Rockstar energy drinks.

  9. I recommend any chapter on primary glomerulonephropathies for insomnia.

  10. I thought it was Mountain Dew that rotted your teeth?

  11. Glen in Texas says:

    For wanna-be types, note that book lists for $99, can find on amazon for 80. It is not just tuition/fees that make med school an expensive road.

    Secondarily, such books have short useful lives, and are quickly left behind as art and science advance.

    One of the many reasons (besides brains and temprement) that my higher education was not mostly in the sciences.