A chip off the old block

I am so proud.

My daughter just called from college, where she just smoked out the frosh chem lab.

Seems the instructions for how much granular drano to add, then how much water (yes, after the drano) were not described clearly.  Or, just clearly enough to make a lot of caustic fog.  No injuries, no harm/no foul.

Given my history, she called on the way home to tell of her escapade.  She said it reminded her of me, which is amusing.

I miss her, and wish she’d gotten someone elses’ lab skills….


  1. At least she didn’t catch her hair on fire in the organic chem lab. Not that I know anyone who’d do that.

    Love it…and love that she called to tell you about it.

  2. motherjonesrn says:

    That is so sweet. I’m sure it really makes you feel good:-)

  3. Mrs. Fred says:

    She IS finding out how to get everyone’s attention!

  4. No harm and a good story to tell later. Can’t beat that!

    My fourth-grader asked me the other day when she’d get to dissect cadavers in class. I think she’s been playing too many virtual dissection and surgery simulators online.

  5. :) Happy to hear she is doing well.

  6. Aunt Susie says:

    Ah – the joys of Freshman-hood.