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Best triage Chief Complaint of the night

“Pt got a Hini shot today and now feels bad”.

Took me a couple of seconds to figure out it wasn’t a hiney shot, it was H1N1.  Which was not given in said region.

Dr. Nick hosts Grand Rounds

The Godfather of the Medblog Grand Rounds series hosts this week:

Grand Rounds Volume 6, Number 15

Welcome to Grand Rounds, the weekly collection of the best in medical blogging, featuring works from physicians, nurses, researchers, students, patients and healthcare professionals.

It’s a new year and I’m very happy to be involved again in organizing this “carnival of the caregivers.” Many thanks to Dr. Colin Son for his role in scheduling hosts, and for writing the Pre-Rounds column for over these past 18 months. Special thanks to Dr. Val Jones of Better Health who will continue to promote and plan GR.

He told me when we met in Las Vegas that my blog is partially responsible for his choosing Emergency Medicine as a career.  So, apologies again to Nick.  (I kid, it’s the best place to be in medicine).

Vaginal Bleeding Algorithm for the ED

Via ER Stories, a reminder of the flow chart every EM resident is taught…


Nicely done…

HT: MovinMeat

What’s the most productive thing I’ve done at work recently?

My ED is like most others: there’s a plan for where computers go, and they get installed on the desks correctly.  Unfortunately, there’s not a plan for all the wires, power strips, etc that are associated with these installations.

The wires, cables, power strips, etc, just wind up on the floor.  They collect dust and then the area doesn’t get swept, let alone mopped (we’ve had dust bunny races under the counters).  (I don’t blame housekeeping: they don’t want the blame for pulling out any wires, so they avoid them).

After griping about them for a year, and knowing I had a stretch of nights (which occasionally have some slack moments) I finally did something about it: tie-wraps and little sticky wall attachments for same.

Over two nights 90% of the wires came up off the deck, and now these areas are getting swept.  I’ve learned some things, like: power strips don’t care how many sticky holders are attached to the wall, they just go to ground.  I’m now screwing the sticky feet to the wall, and that’s working.  (The other cables are awaiting some computer racks to get their boxes off the floor, then the cables will go up).

I got two amusing comments while doing this: “You’re my dad” from one bemused nurse, and “You know, they pay people to do this” (to which I pointed out that if they did I wouldn’t be doing it).

Eventually the floors will be cleaner, and I finally put my time where my mouth was.

What to do next…