The Laurinburg Exchange – Shooting at Scotland Memorial Hospital

Scotland Memorial Hospital was locked down Monday morning after a shooting left a patient in critical condition and another man in police custody.

The 3 a.m. shooting appears to have stemmed from a brawl at a McColl, S.C. night club, according to Laurinburg police. Authorities say it involved the victim, his girlfriend and the daughter of the shooter just a few hours earlier….

via The Laurinburg Exchange – Shooting at Scotland Memorial Hospital.

This exact scenario is why most hospitals have some system to anonymize victims of violence in the ED, and sometimes throughout their hospital stay.  (We have one, and I’m not letting its incredibly complex code out…).

That doesn’t make them either invisible or bulletproof, and we’ve seen a few examples of our trying to anonymize them gone wrong when their ‘friends’ start calling and texting once in the ED.

I’m happy no ED employees were injured, and hope the alleged attempted murderer gets a fair trial and the punishment deserved.

Also, don’t get in bar fights…

HT: Glen in West Texas, my news machine