Fixing Firefox 3.6’s tab blunder: Blogs – Null Pointer – ZDNet Australia

I’ve been playing around with a beta build of Firefox's 3.6 browser for some time, and while it’s been completely stable, its new tab behaviour has annoyed me.
via Fixing Firefox 3.6’s tab blunder: Blogs – Null Pointer – ZDNet Australia.

It’s the one think I don’t like about the newest Firefox release (3.6), opening a link from a tab puts it right next to the one you were reading, rather than off the right end like it used to (which I liked…).  Here’s a fix.

A like it: it’s simple and it works.


  1. I cannot thank you enough… 30 seconds getting deeper in Firefox than I would normally tread will provide hours of enjoyment of tabs opening in the right place – at the end!

  2. westeasterly says:

    I’ve been a loyal Firefox fan for years…until a week ago when a tech site I frequent did an extremely thorough benchmark of all available browsers. Google Chrome came out on top, and I gave it a try… I was absolutely blown away by how much faster it is- both in navigating from page to page and in first-window-launch time. It also pulled all settings/cookies/and bookmarks straight from Firefox, so migration was really easy. Best decision I’ve made in a while!