Matador gets Spain and suffering –

Mess with the bull, you get the horn!

via Matador gets Spain and suffering –

A picture is worth a thousand words.  And some OMF surgery.



  1. westeasterly says:

    I’ve got to admit- it’s kinda nice to see the bull win for a change. It’s well and good to slaughter an innocent animal for entertainment purposes, but the karma’s going to come back eventually. <—not a vegetarian OR PETA supporter.

  2. Fernando Colina says:


    The only reason bullfighting survives in Spain and a few other countries is the risk. There is real and present danger every time a bullfighter goes into the ring. And it is not that the bull wins “for a change.” Every professional bullfighter at the top level of the profession has suffered life-threatening gorings and many close calls. If you don’t risk your life you don’t get the contract for the next bullfight.

    Less than a month ago another top bullfighter was gored in Mexico, in a more traditional way, in the groin where all those important veins and arteries converge, not to speak of the couple of organs known in Spanish as cojones.

    I dislike bullfighting, but I will never say it’s kinda nice that a bullfighter gets gored. They definitely have more balls than I do (unless and until the bull puts the horn in the right place).

  3. I’ll bet that was a tough airway!