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Michael Ostrovsky, over at MedGadget, had a terrific idea, and I’m glad to be even a small part of it:

Welcome to My Medical Museum Competition!
We want you to visit your local medical museum, and tell us about it.

Chances are, you live near a medical museum. Maybe it’s an overlooked building downtown, or a hospital library. Inside, you’ll find bizarre specimen, important documents, and yes, medical gadgets.

This contest is an opportunity to showcase your local medical museum’s treasures for the world to see, as well as to describe your local medical history and explain how clinicians and scientists in your area contributed to medicine.

The Grand Prize is a brand-new Wi-Fi 32GB Apple iPad.

via My Medical Museum | Home.

This looks like an excellent opportunity!  So, go visit your local medical library, write it up and sumbit it!  (Over there, though, not here…).