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Zippy Goes to Times Square.

via intueri: to contemplate.

Yep.  The Zippy I took to the Bahamas in now in the concrete jungles of NYC.  Fortunately, with a guide / author fully up to the task.

(Zippy has certainly become more, how can I put this, sophisticated, since he was with me…).


  1. Travel cultivates the mind (or ganglion, whatever) in many ways. My visits around the world have given me great knowledge and a stronger grasp on the finer things in life. Now you must excuse me; I have meeting with a sommelier later on this morning.

  2. This has all the trappings of something which would appeal to the middle school female mentality.

    Just an observation.

    OTOH, Carl Jung might have been amused, and not necessarily in a derogatory fashion.

  3. AuntSusie says:

    We visited NYC in ’08 – Thanks, Zippy, for taking us back. Though car-driving Texans, we think it’s fun to ‘do’ public transportation on vacations. Your appreciation of the same is admirable.