Doctors decry poor ER conditions via YouTube – FierceHealthcare

Doctors at LaSalle Hospital in Montreal have turned the cameras on the “intolerable, unhygienic” state of their emergency rooms, reports CBC News. They’ve posted seven videos on YouTube and launched the website as part of an online campaign to demand improvements.

“We weren’t being heard,” said Dr. François Langlais, one of the two physicians behind the campaign. “It was a last resort. It wasn’t something that we’re doing happily,” he told CBC.

via Doctors decry poor ER conditions via YouTube – FierceHealthcare.

Alerted to this story by AmedNews via Twitter ( @amednews ), I followed the link to their site (you’ll have read the Fierce Healthcare article to find the link).

I’ve watched the videos. I also listened, but as they’re in French and that’s not a language I even sort of understand, I’m not sure what all the fuss is about. There’s not much in the videos that is distressing to me (blocked fire exits are the biggest thing I saw), and it’s pretty cramped.

Some of the gear is worn but appears clean and functional. Yes, there are patient beds in the hall. From a visuals standpoint their facility looks quite a bit nicer than the one I work in.

So, anyone out there able to translate these and give me the gist of why these docs felt compelled to make youtube videos deploring their working conditions?


  1. Wow. No offense but they have clearly never been to Brazil—I wonder what they’d think of the average ED facilities in my neck of the woods.

  2. Because they’re French and from Quebec ;-)

    Quebecoise whinge, period…

  3. I think they’ve already removed the video. But I think I would understand why they’d decry their “unsanitary” state. Perhaps if some U.S. doctor will come to some of the hospitals in my country, they’d think it’s inadequate. But we, doctors, here in my country can adapt enough to take care of our patients in this state. Maybe it’s just a matter of perception. I’m still hoping to see the video, though.

  4. Ninjutsu Techniques says:

    They should totally see some of the hospitals in other countries. Also, the US is pretty decent hospital-wise, it’s just getting in one that’s a pain (privatized insurance being one of the many problems).