MedBlogs Grand Rounds 7:21

Welcome to this weeks’ Grand Rounds, a self-selected compendium of the best of the Medical Blogosphere!

This is my 7th time to Host (first Seven Timer), and it’s always an honor. I asked everyone who submitted to send the date of their first blog post. After graphing them it’s a waste of time, nothing to see, you’re spared/welcome. Thanks everyone, anyway.

28 submissions by 27 authors, thanks to all.

First, the only post recommended by someone other than themselves (Liaka’s MedLibLog offered this, and kudos) is Dr. Wes with Social Media and The Challenge of Overcoming the Challenge of Intellectual Complacency. Tests (really, information / teaching) via Twitter. This would be cool, were I not complacent.

I’m partial to the ‘Joe Friday’ version of Grand Rounds, and here you are, in the order of submission:

BJC Connected Care: Am I a better doctor if I wore a tie? (Grammar alert). I don’t ever wear a tie in patient care.

Suture for a Living: Advertising. Not for her.

The Sterile Eye: Mirror of the Body. Medical photography of the past, with mirrors. Possibly NSFW.

GlassHospital: Beyond a spoonful of sugar. Points out an Alzheimer’s hospital that has it right.

InsureBlog: Pots, Pans and EMR. Overcrowding meets ingenuity. Shame it has to.

Get Better Health: Why Yoga Might Make me a Better Doctor. Well, if you’re not going to wear a tie…

Billy Rubin’s Blog: Readmission Rates as a Means to measure Hospital Quality. It’s more complicated than apples to apples. More apples to Kumquats. (Fun blog name).

Colorado Health Insurance Insider: When the Media recommends over-consumption of healthcare. Prevention…

Health Business Blog: myDrugCosts provides transparency on a mobile platform. Patient empowering. Nice.

HUB’s LIST: Cranberry Juice, Medical fun facts…. Various medical doings in easy bullet format.

Covert Rationing Blog: How to sell assisted suicide. Death is cheap. Who pays the bills?

ACP Internist Blog: Overdiagnosis and the potential for harming patients. Culture of illness. Nice description.

ACP Hospitalist Blog: ZDoggMD’s Hard Doc’s Life. Worth a watch!

HealthBlawg: Measuring patient experience of care. Happy patients, measured.

health AGEnda: Caring begins at home. Elder family, and challenges. Excess Death. Stop smoking. Really.

D.O.ctor: The D. O. dialog. Misconceptions and the D.O.

Behaviorism and Mental Health: Overeating is not an illness. DSM. (Follow the money).

In White Ink: Pride and Prejudice. Happens. (Based loosely on a recent flamewar).

Hanging by a Stethoscope: Are Resident Physicians Workers or Students? Supremes say Workers. Get the bennies, then.

scan man’s notes: A Parable of Rigidity. Red tape.

The Happy Hospitalist: Before and After Arby’s Fast Food Pictures. Maybe overeating is an illness.

Medical Lessons: The King’s Speech is Not Just About Stuttering. A movie I need to see, apparently.

Laika’s MedLibLog: The Web 2.0-EBM Medicine Split. Nice! Go read. No summary for you.

Pensive Pediatrician: Text4Baby. Interesting idea. Leveraging cell phones for baby messaging.

WhiteCoat’s Call Room: Birthright? Patient want the right to tape in hospitals: so, the reverse is okay?

Aggravated DocSurg: Henny Penny in the Hospital. Catastrophizing. Word of the Day.

If yours isn’t in here I lost your email, or my dog at my HTML. Either way, drop it in the comments, and Mea Culpa.

Next Week’s Host: Dr. Rich’s Covert Rationing Blog! Thanks to Nick for starting it, and to Val for helping keep it going. And my wife for understanding.


  1. I’m a big fan of Joe Friday too. Nice!

  2. I like the snap-judgement summaries. Well-executed! and thanks for hosting your 7th.

  3. Great job, Doc – Ol’ Joe would’ve been proud!

    Thanks for hosting, and for including our post.

  4. Nice job as usual. 7 times!! I’m amazed. I’ll have to get on the ball and do my second.

  5. Love the Joe Friday theme. Just the facts, ma’m…..


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    Grand Rounds: “Just the facts, ma’am” Edition…

    Grunt Doc presents this week’s no-nonsense version of Grand Rounds….

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