Meet the first Congressional EM Physician

Dr. Joe Heck, NV:

I was unaware this was the first Emergency Physician to be elected to Congress. Good for him!

I suppose that leave me to be the first for the Senate…


  1. Glen in Odessa says:

    T serve in the Senate you will need to quintiple (at least) your capacity for alcohol. Your tolerance for BS probably needs the same increase. Most importantly, you will need to learn to backstab with a smile. Good practice: Next Joint Commission Inspection, lead the inspector to the department of your best freind, and point out all the problems possible.

    I’m told that the first makes the third easier.

  2. Joe Heck is a well-known TEMS physician in EMS circles… same gig practiced by our Former Surgeon General (Rich Carmona).

    Should be a good addition.

  3. don winans says:

    You got my vote! I know you’ll kick ass & take names in DC.

    BTW,Here is a link to a language translating gizmo which may interest EMs if you have a polyglot community.

    Buena suerte from your Ft Worth reader!