Why I don’t blog much anymore, and why I won’t stop

I don’t, and it’s not because I don’t appreciate the eleven of you. I do, it’s just that life, and blogging, evolve.

Here are my thoughts on why I don’t blog much anymore:

Technology changes. I Twitter more now than I blog. (@gruntdoc if you’re interested). What I twitter is occasionally snarky and completely useless and nonmemorable, so it’s not blogging, it’s just (sorta)-social media in action. Facebook is where people keep track of each other, and I’m engaging there, somewhat. I still prefer blogs.

My role in my Emergency Medicine group has changed. I’m now one of three ‘officers’ (I’m the Secretary, and no I don’t file or take dictation), but with a little more responsibility comes the awareness that people higher up than me are interested in what I think, and vice-versa. I’d hate for anyone to believe my blog is representative of my thinking (it’s not, the blog is better). Low expectations are better than high, in some circles.

I’ve said it. Frankly I’ve written 20 blog posts that I get halfway through and realize “I’ve said this before”, and that’s that. I’ll only rant about the same thing (excluding parasites) about three times, then it’s Done. Repetition isn’t fun to read on blogs, and I’ve spared you. Welcome. (Many bloggers have had this realization and had the decency to quit. Color me indecent).

I’m established. Yeah: stale, but present. There’s one continuous medblog I know of older than mine, and with that comes a sense of being, of not having to write to get attention. To be fair, stale isn’t what I aim for, but it’s what you get when you don’t push, and I’m not pushing. No argument. Also, not an excuse.

Parasites. There are ever-changing ways to screw docs, they’ll find them, and I’m less and less interested in handing them a blog post they can use against me. And, as I hate them, not worth the effort to rail at them. Doing so diminishes me, and certainly doesn’t elevate them. So, heck with that.

Commenting on the work of others is probably my best input/output option. Yeah, it’s sometimes lazy, but I think sometimes i have an interesting take on the blog/news of the moment. (YMMV).

A ton of my blog-peers, and blog-children, have packed it in. Nobody’s claimed blog-grandchild, and I understand that. It’s the blog version of an old-folks home sometimes, with the whipper-snappers causing problems and getting on the porch. No offense, but I haven’t added a blog to the blog-roll in probably a year. I don’t think blogging is dead, but it’s entirely possible it’s passed me by. Time will tell.

Shifting hobbies. I like projectile-oriented things, spend a lot of time (and the same dollars) on this hobby, and fearit’s not something people on this blog really dig. I don’t want to go all-shooting, but it’d be hard to stop if I started. So, restraint. For now.

Snootiness. Yes, me. I feel I’m setting a disapproving example in not blogging when others blog. About politics,  especially. Political hackery turns the seemingly most-eloquent, genius med blogger into a raving idiot, and not in a good way (either way). The disconnect between politics and the gentle practice of medicine is vast, and I choose to lead by Not Playing. True, I’ve lead in a direction nobody is interested in following, but I feel that it’s still worth the lack of effort. Someday my genius will be recognized. I hope.

Aging. As I become more mature I’m letting things go I didn’t before. The realization that some things are temporary, and those that aren’t don’t usually matter have made me (a little) more tolerant of folderol and foolishness. And get off my lawn.

Why I don’t plan to stop:

I’m a blogger. Yeah, not an auspicious beginning, but an actual description of an organism. (Or, to be fair in describing a blogger, an onansim, but I digress). That likes to blog.

I’m too lazy to quit. I’ve goofed on this before, but really, why quit (more than) now?  The world will miss me when I’m gone (I mutter this to myself continuously).

Blind squirrels, etc. Nuts are my especitalty…

I like all eleven of you.

Thanks for coming around now and again. I promise you…nothing, but when the Spirit moves, I shall keep blogging.




  1. Well, I’m glad you don’t plan to stop. :)

  2. Hey look, now it’s 12!

  3. Jim ( UK ) says:

    13 including me . ;-)

  4. The Nerdy Nurse says:

    Nice thing about perosnal blogging is there are no requirements or deadlines. Blog when you want about what you want.
    Take a breather and go to it when the muse hits you.

  5. Yeah. Kinda feel the same way. But as long as it’s still fun, I’ll keep doin’ it.

    After all, someone’s gotta squish those damn spam bots. Like metastases, they seem to want to eat my blog alive….

  6. Wayne Conrad says:

    Can I be #14?

    Write when you wanna. Don’t write when you don’t. When you do write, it’s interesting, so thanks.

  7. Glad to hear you’ll still be around :)

  8. I’ll sign in at #15! I am glad you are not stopping. I do like your snarky tweets.

  9. Mrs. Fred says:

    Maybe you’re taking a page from your brother’s book. He’s never said much, but — when he does, you’ll do well to pay attention!

  10. Economom says:

    Please continue (as you feel led). I really enjoy checking out your thoughts!

  11. I do not always comment, but I visit often. Thanks for hanging in. I used some of your entries at my ER as discussion material.

  12. I like to drop by every so often as I find your posts very interesting. I also tend to use your blog as a portal to other inspiring bloggers. Thanks for staying around.

  13. AuntSusie says:

    I look forward to snarks. I don’t twitter. Please don’t let me down.

  14. think you’ve settled into a very nice mix of posts and points. As long as you keep posting, I’ll keep reading.

  15. CardioNP says:

    I’ve read your blog since 2004; think I first encountered it when Glenn Reynolds linked Grand Rounds. I echo the others, write when you want and we’ll still be hear to read it.

  16. I just stumbled on your blog. Great posts! I guess this makes me #16?

  17. Your views make an interesting read– even Steve Dublanica (WaiterRant) had the occasional gun-post back in the day. I’m not an anti-gun nut, they’re just not MY thing. But reading my own thoughts parroted back to me is too much like earworms. I like the variety, it gets me out of my own head…Glad you’re not signing off just yet.

  18. horsetech says:

    I don’t comment much, but I am an appreciative reader (fan?).

  19. Blogging is so much more in-depth, you can really get into the story. Tweets are more like being tossed a quick crumb. So, thanks for continuing-love your writing.

  20. Have been searching for inspiration myself. Thanks for your commentary!