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Perry’s Surgery Included Experimental Stem Cell Therapy

Seems like a lot to get into a tweet. I’d cut the guy some slack on that…

When Gov. Rick Perry emerged from back surgery on July 1, he tweeted that his “little procedure” — a spinal fusion and nerve decompression designed to treat a recurring injury — had gone “as advertised.”

The possible presidential contender didn’t reveal that he’d undergone an experimental injection of his own stem cells, a therapy that isn’t FDA approved, has mixed evidence of success and can cost upwards of tens of thousands of dollars.

via Perry’s Surgery Included Experimental Stem Cell Therapy — Rick Perry | The Texas Tribune.


Feelgood story of the day


He defends Marines and sailors with love and tenacity, protecting them as any Marine would protect a brother-in-arms. He is the epitome of man’s best friend, shielding service members from the enemy while providing companionship and camaraderie. His name is Willy Pete, and he’s a warrior, a protector, a friend. He’s also a dog.

via Photo: Willy Pete Watches over Marines.

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UNTHSC: No MD for you…

Interesting. I didn’t realize this needed legislative approval, and that they hadn’t lined up a bill sponsor.

The Fort Worth Business Press.

Plans to establish an MD medical school at the University of North Texas Health Science Center in Fort Worth went nowhere in this last session of the Legislature, but a bill establishing the new UNT School of Pharmacy passed and was signed into law without opposition or ?fanfare….
Legislative action is necessary because in 1993, when the UNT Health Science Center was established, legislation specified that it was to include the Texas College of Osteopathic Medicine and would award the doctor of osteopathy degree.
Now UNTHSC is seeking to expand and add the allopathic (MD) degree as well as the osteopathic (DO) degree, in partnership with all the major hospitals in Fort Worth.
Also, kudos to the FW Business Press for a well written article!

Beyond the Clinical | Learning To Be A Better Physician Leader

My friend, who got me into blogging a long time ago (you can and should blame him) has started a new effort. “Beyond the Clinical“.

How I Missed A Large Tumor and How You Will Too

He had severe right chest and shoulder pain.

His doctor had said it was the tunneled dialysis catheter. “If the pain gets worse go to the ED to get it removed.”

via Beyond the Clinical | Learning To Be A Better Physician Leader.

When you have a minute, go have a look, and bookmark it. Recommended.