MedBlog Grand Rounds: Year 8!

I’m slow to the draw on this announcement, but you should go see it. This beats all of mine, combined, hands down.

We are in orbit around a remote County emergency department. My crew of young interns is greener than a vat of Vulcan hemoglobin, and being of the Millennial generation they insist on bringing their stuffed Tribbles to work with them. New Federation-mandated work hour restrictions make them as useless as a Romulan lounge singer at a Ferengi bar mitzvah.

My second year resident—Dr. Spock—insists on quoting evidence-based guidelines to me, reminding me constantly that my ad hoc treatment regimens are “highly illogical.” And our respiratory therapist Scotty tells me our CPR dummy “is barely holding together…she can’t take much more o’ this!” Worse still, some redshirt made a documentary of our adventures and put it on StarTube:

via The Wrath of Dr. Khan.

A taste of the ZDogg video empire:

Seriously: Genius. I am humbled.


  1. Beary Potter says:

    Amazing. Creative. Wonderful.