Alternate Spelling?

I was recently at ACEP’s Scientific Assembly in San Francisco, and once again ACEP did a very good job of getting the whole shebang organized. I think I saw that there were about 5,800 attendees, which isn’t many compared with some meetings, but for Emergency Medicine docs it was the second-most attended (after last years’ in Las Vegas).

There are exhibitors there, and while the theme of the year was ‘win an iPad’, EMR’s and Scribes, it was a good turnout and I enjoyed talking to the vendors.

I bring this up to point out an anomalous spelling that snuck through (and it’s not ACEP’s miss, I don’t think). Right inside the main doors there’s a very cool, touch screen gadget to find a particular exhibitor by name, type, etc with an interactive map. Really Cool.

And, it had this:

Aah, well.


  1. Thanks for stopping by in SF. Hopefully we’ll see more doctors tweeting from the conference next year. You guys did a nice job keeping the rest of us informed.

  2. Your mom, the family spelling Nazi, is very proud!