Press Ganey, meet Wong-Baker

For those not actively engaged in the practice of medicine, this will mean nothing to you. For those of us in the trenches:


I cannot wait for the day the government realizes this misguided effort is costing them Billions (and harming patients and providers).



  1. Thank you! Always found the 1-10 scale so unnecessary that I rarely ever ask, unless its one of those times I’m struggling to get a good history out of someone or I woke up on the wrong side of bed, under slept, and the morning coffee hasn’t kicked in yet!!


  1. […] Press Ganey ratings were superimposed on the Wong-Baker pain scale (i.e. the “smiley faces”)? GruntDoc shows you. There are 313 million people in this country. In 2008, there were 110 million cases of sexually […]