So God made a farmer Dodge Ad

Best Super Bowl ad this year

I miss Paul Harvey.


  1. Mrs. Fred says:

    Both my grandfathers were farmers. Two of my uncles were farmers. This was, indeed, the BEST commercial of the night. Paul Harvey obviously knew the men, the lifestyle, the families they raised. My life is much richer having seen what these men added to our world.

  2. This could be the best commercial ever. It’s about why we do things, not what or how. It’s about the people who drive trucks, not the truck. It’s principle over passion, reason over whim, purpose over folly, substance over sensation.

    I have never been more proud to own a product of the Chrysler corporation.

  3. A few years before my time. Good looking doctor.

  4. Take a look at is working with the Chrystler Group to use plays of both the commercial & the original YouTube video ( that inspired it to raise money for the Future Farmers of America. It was at a the national FFA convention in 1978 where Paul Harvey gave the speech originally.

  5. I heard recently that the commercial was done in conjunction with the Future Farmers of America, just like Beth.
    Overall I will say though, I was disapointed in the Super Bowl commercials. I heard the commentary on Twitter was much better, though I’m not on that social media application.

  6. Really great commercial indeed. Funny how all the super bowl ads are being talked about more than the Super Bowl itself lol
    My favorite of the night, definitely had to be the Wolkswagen commercial! Hilarious!