The 12 STI’s of Christmas, 2016

I missed posting this last year! ( The mobile version! ).

My yearly Christmas favorite, reposted:

Courtesy of the British National Health Service (click the banner):


NSFW. Funny, but Unsafe for work,unless your work involves STD’s in which case it’s required.

It’s my seasonal favorite post, and I hope it’s one of yours.

Not the STD’s, the funny song with equally amusing illustrations. The backstory, from a previous blog post:

I have seen several searches of this blog for the British National Health Services’ “12 STI’s of Christmas“, and wondered why. The answer: the NHS site no longer carries the wonderful show, for reasons unknown to me. As for the searches, I guess the Christmas season has people thinking about sexually transmitted infections (diseases on this side of the Pond) set to Christmas tunes.

Merry Christmas!

Pearl Harbor 75th Anniversary

December 7, 1941. 75 years ago.

If you meet a Pearl Harbor vet, thank ’em. They’re pretty rare (an 18 year old then would be 93 now…).

Thanks to our Pearl Harbor vets.

Steven DenBeste 1952-2016

I cannot say I knew anything of the man except from his writing in the early days of blogging, and it was usually terrific ( i never got the Animae, but to each his own). The USS Clueless was his vessel, and ironic title given how he had a pretty good handle on things.

And now I learn he’s died, way too young. I enjoyed the education he gave, and the erudition with which he brought it.



Farewell, Big Tex

My wife got a dental implant t…

My wife got a dental implant today. Frankly, I always thought if I were to spend a lot of money on implants, they wouldn’t be dental.

18 admitted patients sitting i…

18 admitted patients sitting in the ED, waiting on a bed. 18 beds that cannot be used by ED patients to be seen.

Tim Russert dies suddenly afte…

Tim Russert dies suddenly after a trip to Italy. PE?

Imagine the fun

Imagine the fun
Of the deaf patient and utterly no ASL interpreter available.

Now give the patient you’re trying very hard to communicate difficulty writing, difficulty with vision, and more than three chief complaints.


I have had to be a morning per…

I have had to be a morning person for 5 days in a row now. Its not for me.

At work I’m lucky that I can give away my mornings to others …

It’s another beautiful day. A…

It’s another beautiful day. Another day spent indoors.

Funny I don’t gripe about my indoor job in January.

Jm Mckay died. I’ll never thi…

Jm Mckay died. I’ll never think of him without thinking of the Munich massacre. Not fair to him, but life’s not fair.